New varieties of potatoes in the Gaza Strip; the first of its kind in Palestine

 As a first kind initiative in Palestine, MA’AN Development Center, Gaza Branch, has imported new potato tubers into the Gaza Strip. This initiativehas been primarily based on integrated set of studies and assessmentsthat examinedthe suitability of Gaza soil, climate, cultivating mechanism, and most importantly the potential marketing channels.

A number of 16 type of new potato tubers have been imported from Holland into Gaza; they will be cultivated on two agricultural fields; in Beit Lahia and the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, whichare also located in the Access Restricted AREA (ARA), in cooperation with Bait Hanoun Cooperative.
Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar
The new tubers are characterized by their high production capacity; this will allow farmers to grow potatoes in two seasons throughout the year, and harvest within 90 days only of planting. Once harvested, potatoes can be used for a variety of purposes: as a fresh vegetable for cooking at home, or as raw material for processing into food products.
According to MA’AN project’s team, the population growth and the spread of fast food restaurants business in Gaza seem to be the trigger for increasing demand for potatoes especially the industrial ones. This new initiative will contribute to improving the small-scaleproducers’ income and employment growth in the sector and creating new investments Palestine.
Worth noting that, thisaction has been conducted within the project titled” “Developing Equitable Agricultural Production and Market Systems for Resilient Economic Development in the occupied Palestinian Territory.” implemented by MA’AN Development Center in partnership with OXFAM and generously funded by The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).
  For more details،please contact: MA’AN Development Center, Gaza Branch
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